Clinical Nutrition

What is Clinical Nutrition?

What is clinical nutrition? It is the management of patient health using the scientific fields of nutrition and dietetics. In everyday terms, clinical nutrition is the study of the relationship between food and a healthy body.

The importance of diet and nutrition on disease prevention and treatment cannot be underestimated! With the tools at our disposal, we assess how nutrients are digested, absorbed, transported, metabolized, stored, and eliminated by your body.

Natural Medicine Group Certified Clinical Nutrition

Do You Frequently Experience Fatigue and Brain Fog?

The most common complaint heard in our offices is “I’m just so tired, worn out and frustrated that I can’t get anything accomplished… can you help me?”. The reason most physicians can’t find anything wrong is that they are not trained to look for causes of dysfunction but merely treat symptoms. We specialize in non-invasive chronic fatigue diagnosis and treatment.

Step 1 – Find The Problem

    • Comprehensive Hormone Testing – daily stress, poor nutrition, chemical toxins and the aging process can cause your body to make adjustments in hormonal levels.
    • Food Allergy Testing – food allergies can result in a variety of symptoms including fatigue, depression, digestive problems, acne, muscle and joint pain, and chronic headaches.
    • Toxic Metal Analysis – in today’s world we are exposed daily to heavy metals that slowly accumulate in all our organs causing a myriad of symptoms from fatigue to cancer. While traditional medical training focuses on toxic metal poisoning, little attention is paid to the effects of chronic exposure.


Step 2 – Fix The Problem

Depending upon the diagnosis, the Natural Medicine Group offers a variety of treatments.

  • Comprehensive Nutritional Assessment – we evaluate for deficiencies in levels of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, and anti-oxidants and recommend nutritional supplements to correct any issues.
  • Weight Loss Programs – Dr. Dixon has authored several weight loss programs centered around a low glycemic nutritional lifestyle. However, your individual needs, including consideration of food allergies, are assessed and a personalized plan is developed.
  • Heavy Metal Detoxification – if chronic heavy metal issues are diagnosed, these are treated by binding and complexing agents which actually removes and lowers the toxic metal levels are compartmentalized in various body tissues including bone, brain, and organs.